Friday, November 9, 2012

And I'm Back

Well, it's been quite a while since I've made a blog post. It's been almost a year now. I was going to give up on this ol' blog here because I didn't think the traffic was enough to keep up the effort truth be told. This remained the plan until I began getting more and more requests to update this blog, and one day I logged in and have 60 followers. I think, "When did that happen?" I don't care, I am grateful. Thank you to all that have followed me since I have been absent. Your faith in me posting is much higher than mine, but I appreciate the encouragement.

Let's see, how about we get caught up a little. Well, you should already be caught up if you have been watching my YouTube channel, which I do more posting there than here, but let's hope I can make it a weekly thing that I can keep up with. (On top of my fashion channel and blog, we shall see how likely that is.)

Actually, let's take a different spin. What do you want to see from me here? I'm assuming reviews, which I'm not going to lie, sometimes seems pointless to me because I state my reviews in video format on YouTube. But I suppose I could do both. Do you want photography? Anything horror related you can think of that you think I can manage? Please help!

No promises, but I will occasionally post here, just let me know what you want!

Make sure to follow all my social media networks to keep track of me if you choose to be a stalker, I don't mind.



  1. Horror reviews are pretty much dead even on YouTube. People can go to a million different review sites so there's nothing special in it. You'll find that most of your traffic will come from visitors who steal your pictures for their own blogs.

    Articles comparing and contrasting parts of the genre would be different, but you have to make them personal and step up your game to more than one post a week. It has to be every day.

    Everything you need to know about successful horror blogging is right here:

  2. I would do mini reviews or maybe short little lists like top 5 horror movies of all time, top horror for the beach, top horror for this or that season and this or that age group :)
    you can also combine your love of fashion with your love of horror.

  3. Soooo happy you are back!
    I like the idea of lists, maybe trailers of future movies, comparisons, maybe writings small summations of your video reviews...
    Can't wait!

  4. you should try to write some horror stories.
    or do more book hauls that Horror Themed.

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  7. Hi Sarah! thank goodness you're back. Can you post some of your fave horror stories or urban legends, and comment on them, like why do you "like" them so much, or if you actually feel afraid about them :)!