Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Ring

This wouldn't be an appropriate blog for me without my first movie review being The Ring. It originates from a Japanese film called Ringu, which I have actually not seen, but maybe one day I'll do a comparison of the two.

CLICK HERE for a trailer of The Ring (2002)
CLICK HERE for a trailer of Ringu (1998)

As for my review, all I can really say is it's not only my favorite horror movie, but my favorite movie of all time, so I might be a little biased.
If you're not a fan of horror movies, (and if you aren't why are you on my blog?) definitely do not watch this alone. I still, to this day, have not seen this movie alone. It deeply disturbs me, and there's not even a whole minute of gore. It's a psychological horror that really messes with the mind!

There is something terrifying about the "little creepy girl" scary phenomenon that happens in multiple horror movies.

Basically, for a summary, this movie follows a woman who had recently lost her niece to Samara, or the girl in the photo above. The first scene is a great opening scene because it sets the tone and feel for the entire movie.  There's something about the sounds throughout the film that add to the effect as well.

So there's this videotape, (that is horrifying in itself,) containing extremely disturbing images of dead horses on a beach, a woman committing suicide, someone puncturing through their finger with a nail, and if you're not a fan of bugs, a giant centipede wandering an empty room with a chair for no reason.

After seven days, Samara (I so want to name my daughter that if I have one,) comes through the television into your living room/bedroom etc. and does something to you that distorts your face permanently and you die.

The whole premise is that she is angst against her death, she was murdered by her adopted mother, and kills people.

Overall, the plot is a little lackluster, but the compilation of images, sounds, actors, make for it to be a great horror film.

And for good parting, I'll leave a photo from the scene that is less than a second long that I can never watch, and literally had to cover the screen to save this photo on my computer.

(I'll be writing some fan fiction soon.)


  1. you should definitely check out the original version. Personally I enjoyed it more. I find it more suspenseful I guess. It's a lot more subtle then the American version. For one the victims faces aren't disfigured it's more like they died of fright. Like your blog btw. x

  2. Very cool theme! :D Definetely #1 in my favorite blogs list. The Ring is an awesome movie and I can't watch by myself too, I have to have some company. xD

  3. check out a tale of two sisters. it's a korean psychological horror.

    the uninvited (2009) with emily browning is the american "remake." if you've seen it and liked it, then the original will blow you away!

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