Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why, Hello Clarice

So there's this obsession with horror that I have, that I cannot go through it alone. I will do movie reviews, book reviews, reactions, there could be videos, etc. I've seen a lot of horror movies, read a bunch of Stephen King, however I also have a liking for really bad, cheap, horror movies, bear that in mind.

It all started with an obsession with these books called Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark when I was 5 years old:

The artwork is absolutely fabulous and gruesome, and I would hang it in my house in a second.

Then it progressed into the series Goosebumps, then Stephen King, then I saw my first scary movie: Pet Semetary.

Ever since, I've been possessed with a craving for it.

Feel free to submit your own reviews in the comments, as I want this to be an ongoing discussion. Next up, The Ring


  1. Wow, I found your channel on youtube in a related videos thingy, and then I found out that u have this channel for this blog, and it's awesome! I'm so very much like you, love to see other people talking about these kind of things! Keep it up! Cheers from Brazil ;]

  2. Wow this is so late, but I am a longtime subscriber who just discovered your horror blog today. I had to comment because I too am a lover of horror films who used to absolutely absorb those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books and Goosebumps as a kid. I really think it was Stephen Gammell's illustrations that made the books special; unfortunately, they aren't publishing the books with his drawings anymore, and I really find that to be a shame for kids today.

  3. Well done! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. Like you and the folks above, I am a horror junkie who was raised on "Scary Stories" and graduated to Stephen King. I was wondering, are you familiar with the Daywalt Fear Factory and Fewdiodotcom on YouTube? They're a series of horror shorts that are a lot of fun and quite creepy. Keep up the good work.